About Us

The Southern States Association, a part of the Town & Country Lifelong Learners*: Leisure Pursuits Program is a state’s club and activity Lighthouseprogram; facilitated by volunteers, serving residents of Chandler, Gilbert and Queen Creek, AZ.

Let’s face it we all know why we left the South. But boy, did we leave a lot behind. Great people and food, wonderful history, beautiful seasons, glorious culture and easy-going relaxation. But, where do you go for Fried Catfish, Red Velvet Cake, Greens, Biscuits, Sweet Tea or a classic Fried Chicken dinner? – It’s no wonder we’re homesick every now and then.

Get newsletters, recipes and regional history without spending a fortune.  We are also a very social group!

Join the Southern States Association, it’s the best bargain in town, costing just $15.00** for a full year membership.

Or join through the Town & Country Lifelong Learners plan.  Membership costs only $75.00** for a full year.  Membership allows you to enroll in as many Town & Country Lifelong Learner programs as you wish.

If you’re a Winter Visitor our semester rate of $25.00** may just be what you’re looking for. Membership allows you to enroll in as many Town & Country Lifelong Learners programs as you wish.

Town & Country Lifelong Learners semesters run for 13 weeks, starting January, April, July and October.

**Event/Supply Fees may apply.

*Town & Country Lifelong Learners is a division of Skipping Stars Productions LLC


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