Rudy’s Country Store & Bar-B-Q opens in West Chandler


The Great Chandler BBQ War of 2012 has begun, with Rudy’s Country Store & Bar-B-Q firing the first shot.

The Texas import just opened in a large, garage-like roadhouse on the northeast corner of I-10 and Chandler Boulevard.

(Only about 100 feet away, the equally impressive-looking Can’t Stop Smokin’ Bar-B-Que, out of New Mexico, displays “Now Hiring” banners for its imminent opening.)

Based on today’s crowd at Rudy’s – shortly after 11 a.m., the long line stretches out the door – it appears there’s no shortage of volunteers ready to enlist.

The line snakes its way past the small “general store” inside the restaurant, past the large menu boards on the wall, around the tubs of beer and soda on ice, and, finally, to a half-dozen order counters – each equipped with its own scale (pictured at left).

Smoked meats include four styles of beef brisket – moist, lean, cutter’s choice, and chopped (with “sause”), ranging from $4.99 to $6.49 per half-pound.

There also are four kinds of pork: Pork loin, pulled pork, pork ribs, and baby back ribs ($4.99-$6.89). Other meats include turkey, chicken, and sausage (regular or jalapeno).

Large sandwiches are available with brisket (the “lean” is shown at right), spicy chop, pulled pork, pork loin, turkey, or sausage (all just $4.99!).

Rudy’s makes two sauces (or as they spell it, “sauses”) – a vinegar-heavy regular version that’s a little spicy, and a “sissy” version.

Besides the usuals – beans, cole slaw, potato salad, etc. (all $1.99) – side dishes include green chile stew and creamy corn (both $2.19).

Meals are served in large, square, plastic “baskets.” Family-style seating is provided with metal folding chairs pulled up to rows of tables covered with red-and-white tablecloths.

Rudy’s opens 7 a.m. daily to serve breakfast tacos. Barbecue is available at 10 a.m. daily.

Rudy's Country Store & Bar-B-Q Chandler AZ


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